$ 230 /mt
Delivery terms: CIF Aalborg, Denmark
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Micheal Lemah Brewington, sales Director
Flagma member since 21 August 2018


1. unsalted sweet cream butter
2. made from pure cow milk
3. high quality, supply constantly
4. haccp, halal, iso, gmp, oem

pure cow milk butter 82%, butter 72%, unsalted cream butter, frozen butter 82% fat, yellow unsalted butter, unsalted block butter 82%(25kg), unsalted sweet cream butter, frozen unsalted butter 82%, yellow unsalted butter, unsalted cow milk butter 82 fat, cow butter oil, natural cow butter 82%, table bread butter, unsalted/ salted butter, raw shea butter, liquid butter, canned butter, dairy butter, unsalted lactic butter, bakery butter 25kg, unsalted cream butter 82



1)unsalted cow milk butter 82 fat(model no.:kem-cmb-82)

2)creamy yellow to yellowish white

3)natural milk fragrance.

4)delicious taste.

Posted: 22 August 2018, 02:17
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