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Alcyone premium syrup
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Alcyone premium syrup

оптовая цена
до 4 $/литр
Условия поставки: CPT Ташкент
Азимов Azimov Эльдор Eldor
на Флагма с 16 июля 2017


Syrup of the new generation

* sugar free
* does not freeze at temperatures below 0
* long shelf life
* not crystallized
* universal & multipurpose

application sphere:

1. Production of energy drinks
2. Production of ice cream and creams
3. production of sausage products
4. the production of jelly and marmalade
5. filling for sweets " premium»
6. syrup filling for barbecue and barbecue
7. syrup-marinade for kebabs
8. syrup for salads (restaurants and cafes)
9. syrup-pouring for the second course
10. fill for pancakes
11. addition to the dough for baking
12. bar syrup for cocktails
and many more.

unusual assortment

1. sweet fruit and flower line
2. minty
3. salty (for dishes and salads)
4. bitter
5. dairy
6. sour
7. energy

Certification of your choice of taste.

With a large volume of delivery terms.

Competitive price

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на Флагма с 16 июля 2017
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